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In 2017, Cherry Tree Republicans celebrates its 25th anniversary as a Republican club in Harris County.  It is wonderful to see Cherry Tree continuing to grow and building a stronger foundation on which to stand.

Cherry Tree members attend and actively participate in local, state and national meetings of the GOP.  Monthly meetings and special events feature invited guests who speak on a variety of topics and provides members and guests the opportunity to exchange perspectives on local, state and national issues.  Members are also campaigners, candidates, active members of county boards of government, and elected state and local officials.

To raise funds to support conservative Republican causes and candidates in the general elections, the Cherry Tree Republicans PAC has hosted numerous fundraising events.  An exciting example is the 2010 “Republicans Dancing for Dollars” with special guest Congressman Tom DeLay who allowed the PAC to auction the opportunity to dance the Viennese Waltz with him.

In support of Cherry Tree’s pro-life position, the Club has chosen to support CareNet Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston by collecting donations at its December meetings.

In 2011, Cherry Tree hosted a well-received Educational Conference on the Security of our United States Constitution and Culture.

Cherry Tree Republicans is committed to serving our community and is proud to continue to promote conservative principles and ideals and to work to elect Republicans to all levels of government.